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Are you 13 years or older and looking to challenge yourself, have fun, and develop new skills? Great news! TUURLIJK and Best's associations are providing you with the opportunity to participate in cultural or sports activities for free, up to six times. What's even better is that you are not restricted to just one activity. With 13 diverse activities spread across nine different associations, this is your chance to explore your interests and uncover your passion.

What can you try: Water polo, Yoga 4 Teens, Competitive swimming, Korfball, Handball, Volleyball, Aikido, Judo, (Sports) Hiking, Bootcamp, Dance & Fiesta, Yoga and Movement for Seniors and Track athletics.

Additional details about all the activities and the associations that provide them can be found below. The registration link is also available at the bottom of this page.


Water polo is not merely another sport; it is an exhilarating team activity that seamlessly blends swimming prowess with ball control. Envision traversing the invigorating water while earnestly striving toward the game's objective: propelling that coveted ball into the opponent's goal. Here are several reasons why you should consider trying water polo at De Brabant Dolphins.

First and foremost, water polo engages your entire body. It amalgamates swimming—a superb cardiovascular exercise—with ball skills that demand precise throws and passes. This results in a diverse and comprehensive workout, engaging almost all your muscle groups. Notably, water polo entails minimal risk of injury, given that your body is buoyed by the water, creating an athletic pursuit with a relatively low injury risk.

Another noteworthy facet of water polo is its inherent variety. It can be both intense and strategic, necessitating seamless transitions between offensive and defensive plays. This dynamism keeps the sport both challenging and captivating, demanding both physical prowess and mental acuity.

What adds an extra layer of allure to water polo is its social dimension. Training alongside peers of your age at De Brabantse Dolfijnen fosters not only team camaraderie but also the formation of new friendships and connections. Thursdays present an excellent opportunity to observe and join our C and B teams. You'll discover that water polo is not just a sport; it's a community where collaboration, growth, and enjoyment thrive. So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of water polo at De Brabantse Dolfijnen and relish the excitement of this fantastic team sport!

- YOGA 4 Teens

Yoga is not merely another exercise routine; rather, it serves as a powerful tool specifically designed to address the unique challenges that teenagers encounter during this stage of their lives. Adolescents undergo substantial mental, physical, and life changes, and engaging in yoga can bring about a transformative impact on their overall well-being.

Yoga exercises, which emphasize agility, balance, strength, coordination, and endurance, not only deliver physical advantages but also assist teenagers in navigating the emotional rollercoaster often triggered by hormonal changes. Fostering positivity, steering clear of intrusive thoughts, and managing negative emotions are crucial components of yoga that effectively cater to the needs of teenagers.

One notable aspect that sets yoga apart from other sports is its non-competitive nature. This allows teenagers to concentrate on their individual growth and development, free from the burden of external expectations. In a world where peer pressure, bullying, and body image issues prevail, yoga provides a secure environment where teenagers can learn to cultivate gratitude. This practice offers them an opportunity for objective self-reflection, acceptance of their bodies, and the development of a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Furthermore, yoga contributes to reducing impulsivity, enhancing patience, and refining concentration—qualities that are invaluable for navigating the challenges of teenage life. In essence, engaging in yoga transcends being merely a physical activity; it represents a holistic approach that aids teenagers in finding balance in a world characterized by constant change and challenges. It stands as an investment in their well-being and a valuable tool for self-discovery and growth.


Discover the thrilling world of competitive swimming at De Brabantse Dolfijnen and experience the joy of a sport that puts you at the center stage. Swimming is not only a delightful activity; it also offers a unique opportunity for individual performance. You, and only you, are in control of how fast and skilled you become in the water.

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to improve your swimming strokes. It's not just a physical challenge but also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Notice the progress as you work on perfecting your technique and increasing your speed. Swimming is a sport where you can constantly push your limits.

Join De Brabant Dolphins on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays and immerse yourself in the excitement of pool competition. Meet like-minded people striving to improve and have fun in the water. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or just starting out, competitive swimming at De Brabant Dolphins offers an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the thrill of individual progression while enjoying the versatility of swimming. Join De Brabant Dolphins and discover the power of your own strokes on your way to faster and better swimming.


Explore the thrilling realm of korfball and uncover why it stands out as the ideal sport for you. In our realm, it's more than just a team sport; korfball embodies a mixed team dynamic, where four women and four men collaborate seamlessly to score by shooting the ball into the opponent's basket. The distinctive feature lies in the unity of men and women competing together within the same team.

Why should you try korfball at DKB Best?

Team Spirit: Korfball places a strong emphasis on cooperation. It is not just a sport; it is a shared experience where teamwork is key.

Physical Activity: Run, jump, and think tactically while being involved in an exciting game. Korfball promotes physical fitness in a fun way.

Social Aspects: Join our korfball club and meet new people! It is an ideal environment to make friendships and expand your social circle.

Strategic Thinking: Korfball requires not only physical skills but also strategic thinking. Improve your decision-making skills while having fun on the pitch.

Korfball is fun, unique, and promotes not only physical activity but also teamwork, equality, and strategic thinking. Even without experience in team sports, korfball is the perfect opportunity to develop new skills and become part of an enthusiastic and supportive community.

Join us at Korfball Association DKB and discover why korfball is more than just a sport. Sign up now and be part of our dynamic team!


Handball is an exhilarating and dynamic sport that you absolutely must try out! It's a fast-paced, goal-rich team sport where everyone plays dual roles as both defender and attacker. This unique characteristic creates a consistently immersive experience on the pitch, allowing you to refine both your defensive skills and attacking strategies.

At Aristos, our passionate handball club offers engaging training sessions with various teams. Whether you're 6 years old or have crossed the 60-plus threshold, handball is a sport for all ages and skill levels. It provides an excellent way to stay physically active, enhance your fitness, and forge new friendships simultaneously.

The teamwork involved in handball fosters collaboration and communication, while the intensity of matches ensures that every minute of play is exhilarating. Come and discover the thrill of handball by joining our diverse teams for training. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, handball presents a unique opportunity to grow, have fun, and become part of a fantastic community of players. So, lace up your trainers and join our handball teams for an unforgettable sports experience!


Discover the thrilling world of volleyball at Best's Volleyball Club: VVC Best! For over 50 years, we've been offering this fantastic sport at all skill levels, catering to both the young and the young at heart. Our regular training sessions, held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, unfold in the vibrant atmosphere of the Naestenbest Sports Hall.

At VVC Best, we aspire to be more than just a sports club; we're a tight-knit community where everyone feels embraced and connected. Here, performance and camaraderie go hand in hand. Whether you're a novice or an experienced player, young or seasoned, we provide volleyball opportunities for all ages and skill levels. On Saturdays, our youth, women's, and men's teams compete in the Nevobo league, ensuring riveting and competitive matches.

For those who prefer recreational play, we have numerous TRIM teams that prioritize sociability. Many of these teams also participate in a weekday regional evening league, promising a blend of enjoyment and a healthy dose of challenge.

At VVC Best, the focus extends beyond the game to the relationships we build off the court. Our active activities committee consistently organizes enjoyable and entertaining events for all members.

So, whether you're curious to explore volleyball for the first time or looking to reignite your passion for the sport, VVC Best is the ideal destination. Here, you'll not only have the opportunity to learn and grow in volleyball but also become a part of a warm and enthusiastic community. Intrigued? We're excited to welcome you!


Explore the realm of Aikido, a contemporary martial art that metamorphoses the force of an assault into a graceful self-defense dance. Aikido revolves around the synchronized utilization of the adversary's power, employing techniques that seamlessly align with, rather than counter, the strength and intention of the attacker.

The word "Aikido" reveals the essence of this art, with "ai" for balance, "ki" for life force, and "do" for the way. In Aikido, you not only learn physical skills but also develop inner balance and calmness. Relaxed breathing, both physical and spiritual harmony, are key components in the practice of Aikido.

What sets Aikido apart is the absence of competition. It is not about winning or losing but about self-defense and personal development. Aikido is open to all ages, starting from 8 years old, making it a unique opportunity for both the young and old to benefit from this Japanese discipline.

If you are looking for a way to strengthen yourself, both physically and mentally, and want to discover how to turn the strength of others into a source of self-confidence, then Aikido is the perfect choice. Indulge in the journey of balance, vitality, and the path to personal growth - discover Aikido and experience the harmony of self-defense without competition.


Judo is more than just a sport; it embodies a philosophy of life and serves as a catalyst for personal growth. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider trying judo:

Self-defense: Judo is founded on the principle of achieving maximum effectiveness with minimal effort. It imparts skills to utilize and counteract an opponent's strength, enhancing your self-confidence and self-defense capabilities.

Physical fitness: Judo is a physically demanding activity that fosters strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina. Regular practice leads to noticeable improvements in overall physical fitness.

Respect and discipline: Rooted in deep-seated values of respect, discipline, and courtesy, judo teaches not only reverence for instructors and fellow practitioners but also self-respect. Discipline is fundamental for comprehending and mastering the techniques.

Self-development: Judo encourages holistic growth—both physically and mentally. Perseverance, concentration, and the ability to learn from mistakes are integral aspects of judo that translate into valuable life skills.

Social interaction: Judo is often a group activity, fostering social interaction. Building friendships and learning to collaborate with diverse individuals contribute to a positive community spirit.

Life philosophy: Extending beyond the mat, judo serves as a life philosophy emphasizing mutual well-being and personal development. Its principles, such as maximum efficiency and mutual benefit, are applicable to various facets of life.

In summary, judo not only provides exceptional physical training but also paves the way for personal development and a healthy lifestyle. It represents an investment in both your physical and mental well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Step onto the mat and explore the myriad benefits of judo!


Why participate in the walking activities at AV Generaal Michaëlis? Simply put, walking at AVGM is not just a healthy and accessible way to stay active; it also offers an experience where you can revel in the natural beauty around you.

Walking is an excellent method to maintain both body and mind in balance, seamlessly fitting into a healthy lifestyle. It is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, virtually anywhere, and at any time of the day. Furthermore, walking minimizes the risk of injury, unlike many other sports and exercise activities.

At AVGM, we not only believe in the physical benefits of walking but also value its social aspect. After the walks, we invite you to engage in a friendly chat in our clubhouse, D'n Opstap. This not only fosters a sense of togetherness but also provides an opportunity to meet new people and share experiences.

Within AVGM, we distinguish three forms of walking, each with its own character: Sportive Walking, Nordic Walking, and Powerwalking. Regardless of which form you choose, they share a commonality: walking is an excellent form of exercise for all ages. So, what are you waiting for? Join AVGM and experience the numerous benefits of walking while enjoying the fresh air, nature, and the camaraderie of like-minded people. It's the ideal way to stay active and relax at the same time!


Are you contemplating a revival of your fitness routine? If so, consider trying the bootcamp at AV Generaal Michaëlis! This bootcamp offers a unique training experience, allowing you to exercise at your own pace. The result? Enhanced fitness, stronger muscles, and a gratifying sense of achievement that elevates your performance to new heights!

Whether you're a seasoned track athlete or a casual runner, the bootcamp workouts are accessible to all. All you need is basic fitness and the motivation to give your best during the exercises. Throughout the sessions, you'll often collaborate with partners or groups, targeting various muscle groups, including the core, abs, legs, and chest and back muscles. The array of exercises encompasses gait training, strength and agility exercises, utilizing diverse training equipment, both conventional and environmental. These can range from engaging obstacles along the way to encountered stairs.

After such an intensive and diverse workout, you're invited to unwind at the welcoming clubhouse, D'n Opstap, for a well-deserved drink. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the challenge, satisfaction, and camaraderie of bootcamp at AV Generaal Michaëlis - your body and mind will thank you for it!


Step out of your comfort zone and discover the exciting world of Dance & Fiesta - the dance workout that not only energizes your body but also uplifts your mind! Wondering why you should give it a try? Here are a few compelling reasons why this dance experience is an absolute must.

Dance & Fiesta is more than just a workout; it's a celebration for your body and mind. With a blend of dance styles ranging from Streetdance to Latin, you'll embark on an exhilarating journey filled with energy and enjoyment. Our highly enthusiastic instructors are prepared to guide you through the most fantastic dance combinations over 9-10 weeks.

What sets it apart? The high fun factor! While grooving to infectious music, you enhance your fitness in an enjoyable manner. The dance combinations you grasp in the initial lessons become more fluid with each step. After just three lessons, you'll find yourself effortlessly mastering various dance patterns, naturally elevating the intensity of the workout.

The class itself is akin to a lively party at a perfect pace. The cheerful atmosphere and dynamic movements turn every session into an unforgettable experience. So, if you're seeking a way to achieve both physical and mental fitness, Dance & Fiesta is your ultimate class! What are you waiting for? Come and dance your way to fitness and happiness!


Are you seeking a sporting challenge that engages you both physically and mentally? Then, consider delving into the realm of track athletics! At our athletics track, we offer a diverse array of training sessions suitable for everyone, whether you aim to exercise recreationally, enhance your performance, or specialize in specific athletics disciplines.

Our training sessions encompass various athletics disciplines, such as (hurdle) running, middle-distance running, javelin and discus throwing, shot put, (pole) high jump, long jump, and more. As an athlete, you have the flexibility to choose between a multi-competition, combining different components, or specializing in one or more disciplines.

For those who prefer recreational training and enjoy a more playful approach, we have the Recreation and Fun Group (REP). Here, the emphasis is less on perfect techniques and competitions, but more on the joy of movement. It's an excellent option for anyone seeking an active yet relaxed experience.

In addition to athletics training, we organize various social activities, including an annual youth camp, party nights, and themed events. With us, it's not just about sports performance; it's also about fostering a close-knit community and creating unforgettable memories.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on the exciting journey of track athletics, where you not only enhance your physical fitness but also become a part of a friendly and supportive community. We welcome athletes of all levels and backgrounds. Sign up, train with us, and relish the satisfaction of personal growth and sporting success!

You have the freedom to decide whether you want to explore all these activities at the same club or at several locations. Your choice dictates your level of participation. For instance, if you opt for three different sports, you can train twice in each sport. It's all up to you!


Yoga and Movement: A Sociable and Healthy Choice for Seniors!

Are you a senior in Best looking for a mix of sociability and health? Then come along to our yoga and movement classes! These activities are more than just physical exercises; they form a warm-hearted community where everyone feels welcome.

Our gatherings are not just about moving; the social aspect is equally important. In addition to enjoying the health benefits of yoga and gentle movement exercises, there is time to chat, share experiences, and forge bonds. Our members have built a supportive community, helping each other and meeting up outside of the classes as well.

The classes are designed to be both refreshing and accessible, regardless of your experience or fitness level. We combine gentle yoga with fun movement exercises, tailored to the specific needs of seniors. This ensures a balanced mix of relaxation and activity, ideal for both body and mind.

We warmly invite you to join this unique experience. Come and discover the joy of collective movement and the warmth of our community. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing in the enjoyment of health and friendship.

Yoga and movement: your path to an active and connected life. We hope to see you soon!*

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This is your opportunity to explore, have fun, and meet new people. Register now and embark on your adventure in the world of cultural and sports activities.

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